Canadian consumers plan to spend more during this holiday season, than a year ago

The recent poll by Retail Council of Canada survey shows that Canadians plan to spend more during this holiday season than a year ago, as they are ready to return to stores a year after the COVID-19 pandemic forced many to switch to online shopping.

British Columbia citizens plan to be Canada’s largest spenders – they plan to spend $958 on average, which is well above the national average result of $792 and 14% more than in 2020.

Quebecers are ready to spend the least at $565, while Albertans and Ontarians plan to spend $869 and $863, respectively.

However, store owners are predicting even larger numbers, as the real spending in the past has been bigger than spending intentions.

The online poll of 2,500 Canadians shows that product availability, selection and delivery period are forcing many consumers to start shopping for holidays earlier this year: 36% of respondents plan to begin in November.

Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Boxing Day will be slightly more popular this season, while 63% expect to shop in stores, marking a 5% increase from a year ago. Online purchases will probably go down from last year’s 42% to 37%. And still, it could be more than 28% seen before the pandemic in 2019.

“Canadians are ready to forget about the COVID issues and return to brick-and-mortar stores,” – says Diane Brisebois, CEO of the Retail Council of Canada.

“At the same time, they are making purchases not in the same way they did last year. Although more in-store buying is expected in 2021, the blend between physical and online shopping will keep evolving, and customers will have more choices of how and where the products they buy are picked up and delivered.”

The online poll was conducted during the period from August 12 to 24, with 2,505 Canadians surveyed. A margin of error can’t be determined, as such online polls are not considered random samples.


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