The inflation slowdown in Canada means rates may have reached their peak already

The significant decline in February’s headline inflation means that interest rates may have reached their peak already and the next change will be a reduction. At least, according to ING’s Chief International Economist James Knightley, who points to the second consecutive month of annual...
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Canada’s real estate market will rebound in spring

Canadian realtors believe potential buyers which were priced out of the market earlier will return to house hunting this spring. They expect Canadians to get back to the market as the central bank stopped its rate-increasing cycle. The fast cycle of sharp hikes eroded...
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February 2023 – Canada’s inflation is slowing down

The latest report by Statistics Canada shows that the annual pace of inflation cooled last month, marking the strongest slowdown since April 2020. According to recent data, the consumer price index rose by 5.2% in February on a year-over-year basis, following an increase by...
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Bank of Canada joins other global central banks with measures for tackling the banking crisis

On Sunday, some of the world’s largest central banks came together in order to implement measures aimed at stopping a banking crisis from spreading, as Swiss government persuaded UBS Group AG to buy rival Credit Suisse Group AG. According to the deal terms and conditions, UBS...
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Many Canadians who postponed a home purchase last year plan to return to searches this spring

When in 2022 interest rates reached their highest level in more than ten years, many Canadian homebuyers were forced to leave the market and postpone their purchase. However, a new report by Royal LePage shows that most of them are planning to return to...
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