27 May 2011

And others will likely do the same.  
Here are some of our best interest rates for today:
•    5-year Variable:  Prime – 0.90% (6-month rate holds can be had for Prime-0.80%)
•    1-year Fixed:  2.64%  
•    3years 50/50 Hybrids: 2.86% (i.e., Half fixed and half variable)
•    5-year Fixed:  3.74% (Applies to 30 days quick close; 6-month rate holds can be had for just 4.00%). We do have even better, full fixture, 30 days quick close 5yrs fixed mortgage – changes daily, so please contact us for details
•    HELOC – Open Line of Credit :  Prime + 0.25%
It should be noted that these are our best rates. Rates might change without a notice. Your rate may differ a bit depending on your qualifications, location and mortgage type.
And, of course, before making any final decision about mortgage product, lender or term, please, consult your mortgage broker.

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