Canadians’ opinions on cutting CERB have split

It looks like Canadians can’t agree on whether it’s time to cut emergency benefits for those who have lost their jobs because of the COVID-19.

One of the questions from pollster Maru/Blue concerned the issue of reducing the government’s spending by ending the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) program, regardless of a possible influence on people.

According to Maru/Blue, 48% of respondents believe it’s time to shut down the program, while 52% say it’s too early for such changes. As you know, CERB has been providing up-to-$2,000-per-month for many Canadians who’ve lost their jobs because of the COVID-19.

The poll shows that 63% approve of how the federal government is spending to support Canadians during the pandemic, but 74% of respondents are “deeply worried” about the influence the deficit and debt will have on their taxes.

There are also those who say the program is preventing people from getting back to work. I see it slightly differently,” – notedJohn Wright, executive vice president of Maru/Blue Public Opinion.

The deal is that part-time workers can’t make up the difference if they return to work with reduced hours.

“They say they’d rather stay on CERB, but the real reason is that many people need those extra days to pay the rent. One of the problems today is that people get back to work, but because of the reduced hours they can’t make up the difference.”

According to Wright, the question of shutting down CERB should be discussed thoroughly.

“People need to be sure they will be able to pay their bills. Data shows that 21% of all Canadians say they will lose the roof over their head in case they won’t have at least some kind of government program. We should be very cautious with these issues, and here the government programs really have a benefit.”

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