28 January 2011

Useful information:
•    Many lenders now offer covering refinance costs in case they are closing in the next 1-2 months. Please, consult your mortgage broker to get more information on this topic.  
•    It’s quite possible that insurers, like CMHC, already starting to scrutinize 90% LTV refinance applicants even more than usual.
More statistics:  
•    During the last year about 30% of new mortgages had 35-year amortizations – the majority of these borrowers were first-time homebuyers.
•    According to the statistics, the amortization reduction will affect 20,000 home sales (2011 home sales to reach the level of 420,000 units).
•    Because of the amortization period reduction peoples’ maximum affordable purchase price will drop by 6-7%.
•    Approximately 10% of borrowers who refinance get a mortgage over 85% LTV.

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