28 April 2011

Please, be careful with those contractors who say they are the only one for your job. Their work should be the best proof of their professional level: a good portfolio, references and photos of previous jobs.
Signing a contract
It often happens so that homeowners get into trouble because they didn’t specify and define the work they want to be done. As a result, they start changing the project in the middle of the construction process. Of course, it adds up to the overall project costs and homeowners start blaming their contractors. In order to avoid such problems, make a thorough construction plan, specifying all the aspects and details of the contractor’s job. It should be noted that a good contractor will always tell you if your project doesn’t fit your budget. The contract should include everything: cost, working schedule, materials, insurance information and a list of subcontractors. A fixed-price contract is better for the homeowner.
Any contractor can ask for a certain down payment in order to cover the material costs. The sum depends on the type of job, but usually it doesn’t exceed one-third of the total contract amount. Try not to give the whole sum at the beginning. It’s better to pay for certain completion milestones and leave something for the final payment. This system works with “Mortgage+Improvements” program, because the bank or solicitor won’t release part of the mortgage set aside for renovation project until the work is done.
The Responsibilities
You can never overestimate the importance of communication between homeowners and contractors. If there’s a problem, discuss it with the contractor right away. If you think the work isn’t done right, talk to your contractor. Generally, they want to work with you and solve all the problems.
The Payment
It’s recommended to hire professional contractors, because the work will be done right from the very beginning and, in the end, it will save you money and time. Moreover, you’ll avoid really stressing situations.
And, of course, don’t forget that you have the access to the “Mortgage + Improvements” program that can help you create the house of your dream.

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