26 September 2012

If you want to manage your debts faster there are a few important things to consider. First of all, if you have several loans, focus on paying off those with the highest interest rates. As a result, you’ll save thousands on interests. You may be also interested in getting a line of credit or transfer balances to low-per-cent interest credit card.
The second step is setting a strict budget. You’ll definitely get the necessary sum faster if you make a good plan. The most reasonable variant is saving 10% of your income (after paying the taxes) and getting a direct deposit to your savings account.
And of course it’s better to consult a professional. There are many financial advisors and mortgage brokers who are ready to help you manage your finances.
That study is in line with our recent post about important role of immigration to support housing market demand in Major centres since there might be fewer first-time buyers among university grads.

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