24 September 2010

Many Canadians prefer to work with mortgage brokers because they don’t represent any specific financial institution. It’s one of the main reasons why they really can find you the best rate and mortgage which is ideal just for you.
•    Real estate agent. A real estate agent will help you find a perfect home, organize all the necessary documentation and negotiate a purchase in order to save your time.
•    Lawyer. The main thing is that a lawyer can protect your interests by ensuring the property you’re going to buy is clear of liens, charges and so on. He or she will review all the documents to see everything is correct and safe. It’s absolutely necessary to make sure the lawyer is a licensed, full-time professional who can explain things to you in language you understand.
•    Insurance broker. An insurance broker will help you purchase the property and mortgage life insurance. Actually, a lender can do it as well.
•    Home inspector. It’s very important to make sure the house is in a good condition before buying it. That’s why you need a home inspector who will be able to tell you if something in the home is not functioning properly and what repairs need to be done.
•    Appraiser.  A professional appraiser will assess your property’s worth and maybe even save you money.
•    Land surveyor. In some cases, when the current seller doesn’t have all the necessary documentation, you may need a land surveyor.

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