21 April 2011

Before making a final decision concerning your mortgage choice, please, make sure to ask lots of questions such as why a certain product is being recommended; what the penalties are if you withdraw the mortgage early or want to pay it off earlier; what mortgage product is the best for you given your overall financial situation, and so on. It is important to research, plan and be very disciplined about your finances in order to be successful in your quest for homeownership.

Once you have become familiar with the terms and products available, consult a mortgage professional who has achieved the Accredited Mortgage Professional designation.
The deal is that the AMP designation is the only national proficiency standard for Canada’s mortgage professionals.
The AMP was developed as part of Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals (CAAMP). The CAAMP’s main task is the development and enforcement of educational and ethical standards for mortgage specialists. It means that AMPs must meet a number of requirements and qualifications, including successfully completed mortgage practice education with ethical practice and responsibilities, and completing Continuing Education (CE) units each year.

That’s why you can easily trust the experience and knowledge of Canada’s nearly 4,000 Accredited Mortgage Professionals who are committed to providing the highest level of mortgage service and meeting Canadian homebuyers’ needs. With AMP you’ll find the best house and the best mortgage there can ever be.  

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