12 May 2011

Toronto shows new house price increases

In March Canadian New Housing Price Index was left unchanged, following a 0.4% increase in February.
to Statistics Canada, there were certain monthly hikes in some of the
cities, but they were offset by declines in others. So in the end the
national index hasn’t changed.
During the February-March period the largest increases were noted in Saint John, Fredericton and Moncton, N.B. (0.4%).

Toronto, Oshawa, Winnipeg and Regina has also shown price index increases up to 0,3%.
The most notable monthly price declines were recorded in Quebec City (0.7%), Windsor (0.6%) and Edmonton (0.2%).
As compared to the previous year’s results, the index was up 1.9% in March. In February there was a slightly larger hike of 2.1%.  

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