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6 September 2019

What Canadian cities are the best living locations in the North America?

According to Economist Intelligence Unit, the best cities to live in the North America are situated in Canada.

Calgary, Vancouver, and Toronto were listed in the TOP-10 global rating, with Vienna and Melbourne leading the way.

All those cities have strong economies, high-quality education, and great public health care. Another important factor is good transport system.

“In general, we can see the highest indexes of liveability among medium-sized cities of wealthy countries,” - the report says.

“The benefits of these cities are felt very well, as you have a wide choice of cultural activities, an easy access to healthcare and education,” - EIU Asia regional director Duncan Innes-Ker noted. “At the same time, you don’t have to deal with the disadvantages which often appear in case of larger cities, e.g. traffic jams, crime issues or an overall wear and tear.”

And it’s all in spite of the growing housing prices tendency, the RE/MAX poll has pointed to.

“Although price remains one of the key factors for a home buyer, there are still other things which you can’t change,” - RE/MAX executive VP Christopher Alexander said. “It’s the liveability factors that make a home something bigger than just a property you are planning to live in”.

Calgary has shown itself as a particularly attractive location, as RE/MAX says it ranked high in almost two-thirds of the liveability benchmarks surveyed, including population growth, real estate supply, and access to retail outlets.

Vancouver reported especially strong public transit options, including the Skytrain and bus system. It also has a great walkability measure, for instance, in Yaletown.

Toronto showed medium results in the following characteristics: access to green spaces and parks, strong population growth, retail store availability, and healthcare system.



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