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15 March 2020

Dear Friends, in the wake of recent coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak we are taking the safety of our staff and clients very seriously!

With all health safety precautions in place our office remains FULLY OPEN and operational, so we continue to offer great mortgage products to our valuable clients! Being more than 20 years in business we have developed seamless and easy process of mortgage origination and can offer you fully electronic experience with mortgage application and even remote legal signing at the comfort of your own home!

Please be reassured that we are here for all your mortgage needs!

Stay healthy,

Your MortgageLegko.com team

11 March 2020

Trudeau allocates $1B for fighting COVID-19 pandemic

The federal government pledges $1-billion to help Canada’s health-care system deal with the growing number of coronavirus cases and provide necessary support to Canadian workers who have to stay isolated.

The decision was made on the same day the World Health Organization stated the COVID-19 outbreak is already a pandemic.

The Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's announcement includes:

  • $500 million for helping provinces and territories with new equipment, more testing for COVID-19, and more thorough monitoring
  • $275 million for a vaccine research
  • $50 million to buy masks and other materials for health-care workers

In addition to it, the Liberals ease the restrictions on employment insurance payments for those who self-isolate because of illness, by canceling the waiting period for benefits. It will make it easier for those with riskier jobs to stay at home and avoid infecting others without losing their incomes.

10 March 2020

Morneau plans to take new measures to help the national economy

Today, the Canadian stocks showed an increase following signs of more governments planning fiscal stimulus to help fight the influences of the coronavirus, and the energy companies have led the way.

On Tuesday morning, the S&P/TSX composite index rose by 3.7% and reached 15,046.38. All segments stayed in the positive territory. The largest increase was reported in case of energy stocks after oil prices recovered following the worst drop since 1991 yesterday. The rebound came after 10.3% decline on Monday, which was the largest since the Black Monday in 1987. The Canadian dollar was up along with government bond yields.

Finance Minister Bill Morneau plans to take new measures aimed at impacts from the coronavirus and falling oil prices, but with a cautious approach to any fiscal stimulus.

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