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6 December 2018

Certain Toronto areas show higher competition at the real estate market

Last month, Toronto housing market kept showing a modest price growth and a drop in sales.

At the same time, certain markets reported an increase in competition in some of their segments, says the Toronto Real Estate Board.

Last month, home sales through the MLS reached 6,251, marking a 14.7% annual decline. However, November 2017 showed a strong activity increase, caused by approaching mortgage stress tests.

"New listings saw a more rapid decline than sales on a year-over-year basis. It means, many neighbourhoods could have faced a higher competition between buyers. Relatively tight market conditions during the previous several months prepared the background for a possible prices growth," - noted TREB president Garry Bhaura.

5 December 2018

Bank of Canada decides not to raise its key rate this time

Today, the central bank kept its key lending rate unchanged at 1.75%, still assessing the influence of its previous policy changes and a sharp prices decline for oil.

Last time, the Bank of Canada raised the rate in October, marking the fifth hike since the summer of 2017.

The BoC’s rate affects the rates that Canadian consumers receive from commercial banks. So when the Bank raises its rate, the borrowing costs also go up. Meanwhile, it’s good news for saving accounts holders.

All economists surveyed by Bloomberg predicted no changes this time. However, specialists were listening closely to what the Bank would say about the drop in oil prices.

The cost of the Western Canadian Select oil was down to $14 US per barrel since the BoC’s last meeting, while the U.S. blends never went down below $50.

4 December 2018

CIBC says rate increases may change their pace due to oil production cuts

On Wednesday, the central bank will announce its next rate decision, and many don’t expect a pre-holiday increase surprise.

But although a pause in hikes is predicted, a switch from the Bank’s previous aggressive tone will be in the centre of attention due to certain conditions changes, reported since October’s rate rise.

According to CIBC Economics, it’s better for the Bank of Canada to step back from its plans to raise the rate to 2.5-3.5%. CIBC has considered this level too aggressive even earlier.

As the oil production is cut in Alberta, the BoC may show a more dovish tone this time, says economist Avery Shenfeld.

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