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16 July 2019

Only one market in Canada shows an average home price above $1 million

Oakville–Milton in the GTA is the only real estate market showing an average home price exceeding $1-million mark.

A benchmark housing price here reached $1,008,600 last month, showing a 3% annual gain, says the Canadian Real Estate Association.

It’s the only Canadian market exceeding million-dollar mark in June.

Then goes Greater Vancouver with the benchmark price reaching $982,200.

Vancouver is still stabilizing, as prices were down by 9.6% annually and by 1.25% on a month-over-month basis.

15 July 2019

Canada saw a home sales increase in June

According to the recent report by the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA), home sales rose by 0.3% in June annually, with gains in Toronto and Montreal offsetting decreases in British Columbia.

Meanwhile, a month-over-month comparison shows a 0.2% decline.

The MLS home price index went up by 0.3% from May, marking a 0.3% drop from June 2018.

The national average home price almost reached $505,500, which is 1.7% higher than a year earlier.

12 July 2019

Should we expect a rate cut in Canada?

According to many specialists, although we didn’t see a rate cut this week, the chances for it later this year are rising.

“In case we look only at the national factors, we may believe the central bank could consider raising rates,” - noted Stephen Brown, an economist with Capital Economics. “The economic growth is exceeding the central bank’s forecasts for Q2, and core inflation has been increasing recently. However, if we look outside Canada, we’ll see trade tensions growing. Moreover, there are signs of GDP growth slowing down in the U.S., and the Fed has already hinted at future rate decline. This means the Bank of Canada will hardly consider rate hikes soon. We believe the next change will be a decrease”.

The Federal Reserve’s next move (most expect a cut) will determine the BoC’s policy. Nevertheless, mоst economists don’t expect any changes before the election.

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