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10 September 2019

Canadians don’t give up on their homeownership dreams

Canadians who want to have their own home have to deal with a lot of issues these days: high real estate prices, restrained market supply, changing mortgage rules and qualification requirements, etc.

However, the recent poll by Mortgage Professionals Canada shows it hasn’t changed their wish to become homeowners.

Among the current homeowners, 90% are happy with their buying decision, while potential buyers believe their own home will be a good long-term financial investment.

The survey shows that 76% of Canadians believe it’s better to have their own property, and only 8% prefer renting.

9 September 2019

Strong employment results push housing activity higher

Following three consecutive months of weak performances, Canada has finally added 81,000 new jobs in August.

Such a gain exceeded the previous forecasts of just 20,000 new positions. As a result, the number of new jobs created during the previous 12 months reached 471,300, marking the largest annual hike since 2003.

According to Bloomberg, the unemployment rate is only 5.7%.

CIBC World Markets chief economist Avery Shenfeld says it points to Canada’s robustness against the impact of global trade uncertainties, and the Bank of Canada has more reasons now to keep the rate unchanged in October.

6 September 2019

What Canadian cities are the best living locations in the North America?

According to Economist Intelligence Unit, the best cities to live in the North America are situated in Canada.

Calgary, Vancouver, and Toronto were listed in the TOP-10 global rating, with Vienna and Melbourne leading the way.

All those cities have strong economies, high-quality education, and great public health care. Another important factor is good transport system.

“In general, we can see the highest indexes of liveability among medium-sized cities of wealthy countries,” - the report says.

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