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17 October 2019

About 20% of Canadian homes are purchased by newcomers

The recent report by Royal LePage shows that one in five homes in Canada are bought by newcomers.

According to the online poll conducted by Leger, which surveyed 1,500 people who moved to Canada during the previous 10 years, 54% of respondents decided to arrive to Canada because they consider this country a great place for living and working. Answering why they preferred Canada over the U.S., 31% of them said they feel more welcomed here, and 26% noted Canada is safer.

The report shows 86% of respondents consider housing to be a good investment, and 75% came here with savings for buying home. It took three years, on average, for the newcomers to purchase their own property. Before that, many of them lived with relatives and friends or rented a property.

16 October 2019

September 2019 – Canada’s inflation reaches 1.9% due to lower gas prices

Last month, the annual inflation rate was 1.9%, marking the second month in a row without changes and staying close to the central bank’s target 2%.

According to Statistics Canada, price growth was again restrained by lower gas prices. Now, it’s been seven months that the inflation is at 1.9% or higher. Meanwhile, economists predicted 2.1% for the month, says Refinitiv.

The price trends on their own can’t affect the central bank’s decision on interest rates. The Bank of Canada’s next rate meeting is on October 30.

Statistics Canada says a 10% gasoline prices decline from a year ago kept influencing the overall inflation rate. In August, the annual decrease was 10.2%, following a drop by 6.9% in July.

15 October 2019

Canadian housing market shows a strong recovery

Last month, Canada showed another round of strong home sales and prices, reporting increases in most major markets.

According to the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA), home sales were up by 0.6% in September, extending the latest hike which led to a 16% annual gain. The average real estate price went up by 0.5% last month and rose by 2.3% from four months ago. The largest sales and prices increases were seen in British Columbia, while only oil-producing regions saw declines.

The report coincides with other recent reports pointing to a full recovery of the real estate market following a decline at the start of the year. One of the reason for a strong rebound were lower mortgage rates. Strong housing results provide the central bank with one more reason (in addition to job gains) to keep the rates unchanged even when other countries tend to ease the policies.

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