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3 January 2020

Mortgage rates are expected to remain low in 2020

Certain real estate experts expect low mortgage rates and a less difficult qualification this year.

The main driver for this scenario comes from renewed calls to review the B-20 mortgage stress test, given the policy’s moderating influence during the previous two years.

“In December, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau noted in a letter to Federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau that a second look at the controversial test’s requirements is necessary with possible changes to make it more flexible,” – says housing agency Zoocasa.

Although the details are unknown so far, “it may include reducing the qualifying rate from today’s 5.19%, or making it more dynamic based on borrowers’ profiles,” - Zoocasa explained.

“In addition to it, they may cancel the current requirement for borrowers to undergo the stress test again when changing lenders. This measure received strong criticism from the mortgage industry for affecting consumer empowerment and competitiveness.”

2 January 2020

Ontario and British Columbia are expected to begin a new year with strong market activity

The recent report by Zoocasa says the best market growth this year could be seen in the real estate markets of British Columbia and Ontario.

Based on the latest data pointing to strong mortgage borrowing in both provinces, more housing transactions are expected in their biggest urban markets, especially when it comes to BC, as it rebounds from the consequences of foreign buyer and non-resident speculation taxes.

According to CMHC, the sales activity in British Columbia will rise by as much as 20% to 22.6% in 2020, which represents 74,600 to 84,000 deals. Home prices may go up by 2.8% to 3.6%, at an average of $675,000 – $749,500.

At the same time, Ontario sales are expected to rise by 4.2% to 7.3%, or by 204,200 to 213,800 units. Real estate prices will probably show a gain by 5.4% to 6.5%, at an average of $614,000 – $633,700.

31 December 2019

Happy New Year! All The Best!

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