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14 January 2020

Business confidence in Canada is growing

According to the recent poll by the Bank of Canada, business confidence has increased slightly due to weaker global trade tension. However, the Prairies still remain a vulnerable area.

The survey was based on interviews with senior management at about 100 firms. It shows that outside of the energy-producing regions, there are numerous reports of improved indicators for future sales.

The foreign demand, especially from the U.S., keeps pushing up exports, and forecasts for U.S. economic growth have improved amid weakening trade tensions.

13 January 2020

What are your options in case your mortgage debt exceeds your home value?

As you know, equity represents the value of your property minus your debt against it. In case your home loses value or a market correction (prices decline) reduces your property’s value, it may lead to negative equity, meaning you owe more than what you can sell your real estate for. However, there are certain ways to solve this problem or even avoid it.

The size of your down payment matters

Negative equity could happen if you purchase a property providing only a small down payment. If it’s less than 20%, you have to buy default insurance, the cost of which depends on the amount of your down payment: the smaller the down payment, the larger the insurance price.

For instance, you decide to purchase a condo for $450,000, providing 5% down ($22,500). The default insurance could be 4% of the mortgage amount. In other words, $450,000 minus $22,500 (down payment) is $427,500, and 4% from that is $17,100. Sometimes people pay for this insurance using their savings, but as a rule they tend to include it into their mortgages.

6 January 2020

Conflict between the U.S. and Iran could affect mortgage rates in Canada

The growing conflict between the US and Iran, caused by a top Iranian general killing, may keep mortgage rates low in Canada.

As a rule, each time the conflict gets stronger, investors tend to purchase US-backed bonds and mortgage-backed securities. This leads to lower mortgage rates in the U.S. and in Canada.

According to Holden Lewis from NerdWallet, while it’s a usual scenario, homeowners shouldn’t wait too long.

"No one knows how long the crisis in the Middle East will last, or what will happen next.

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