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21 January 2019

More and more Canadians face financial difficulties

According to the recent survey, the number of Canadians who find themselves about $200 away from financial insolvency rose sharply to 46%, following 40% reported in the previous quarter. The main reason for such an increase was interest rates growth.

The poll, conducted for MNP Ltd. last month, shows that 31% of Canadians don’t earn enough to cover their expenses and manage debt payments. It’s 7% higher than in September.

In addition to it, 51% of respondents say they already feel the hit from interest rate hikes, while it was 45% a quarter earlier.

18 January 2019

Canadian economy lost 13,000 jobs in December

According to ADP Research Institute, Canada lost 13,000 jobs in December 2018.

Such a large drop was caused by a loss of 7,700 jobs in trade and transport sector, and utilities. Construction sector lost 6,900 position, while other services showed a decline by 3,500 positions. Meanwhile, finance and real estate lost 2,600 jobs.

Nevertheless, the low numbers of the year end are in contrast with quite a strong year for employment growth. In addition to it, November’s increase was revised from 39,100 to 74,000 positions.

"In spite of the job growth decline last month, general increase for 2018 was strong," - noted Ahu Yildirmaz, vice president of the ADP Research Institute. "The largest increases of more than 340,000 jobs created this year were reported in education and healthcare, professional services and leisure, hospitality."

The main growth in December was seen in manufacturing (4,700 jobs), administrative and support (3,700), and education and healthcare (3,000).

17 Janaury 2019

Canadian Big Banks are reducing their fixed interest rates

RBC cut its best five-year fixed rate by 0.15% from 3.89% to 3.74%, becoming the first one among the Big Six banks to do so after a decline of five-year bond yields.
Other big banks are expected to follow the example any time soon.

Answer the question about the reason of such a decision, an RBC spokesperson noted there were several factors affecting the bank’s cost of finances. They include the interest rate the bank pays at the wholesale market, growing lending costs and market volatility.

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