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14 December 2018

Canadian biggest banks tighten mortgage market conditions following a rules change

Canada’s largest banks are tightening their approach to the national C$1.5 trillion mortgage market, as the new rules developed to reduce risky lending, make it more difficult for borrowers to switch lenders. Certain analysts predict higher gains for Canada’s biggest two banks.

The rules, which require a stress-test for borrowers with qualifying under a contract rate plus 2%, were expected to reduce the banks’ domestic businesses because of fewer customers.

The rules B-20 don’t apply to borrowers who renew their mortgages with a current lender, and it creates an unfair competition background.

13 December 2018

Many Canadians believe they will buy their dream house someday

Although the pressure from higher interest rates and growing prices is rising, 41% of Canadians believe they will buy a house of their dreams someday, meaning a detached home large enough for a big family.

According to the recent poll by Zoocasa, 74% of respondents consider ownership to be an important stage in their lives. A quarter of Canadians also noted they are already living in their preferred homes.

Nevertheless, the financial pressures represent a serious threat, with about 27% of respondents saying they don’t hope for a dream house.

12 December 2018

Not all economists expect an active year for Canada’s real estate market

Numerous economists provide their forecasts on the national real estate market for the next year, and one of them doesn’t think it will be very active.

Benjamin Tal, deputy chief economist at CIBC, says there may be plenty of good news for Canada’s economy in 2019. However, the real estate market won’t be on this list.

“Many good things could happen,” – he says. “The pipeline issue may be solved, business investment may go up significantly, the US and China may get along, the housing market may change its direction…maybe when pigs fly.”

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