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29 January 2019

CIBC says there are no reasons to worry about growing insolvency rate

Despite the general concern about the growing insolvency rate in Canada (it’s growth pace is the fastest in 3 years), CIBC deputy chief economist Benjamin Tal says it’s a natural result of rising interest rates.

“We have started from a very low base”, - Tal said pointing to the recent poll by MNP Ltd., which shows that 46% of Canadians are only $200 away from being unable to manage their financial obligations.

Earlier this month, the central bank left its key lending rate unchanged at 1.75%, following 3 hikes in a year. Nevertheless, the Bank of Canada notes that rates will need to go up later.

28 January 2019

Will there be a stress test for private lenders in Canada?

According to three reliable sources, the federal government is thinking about applying the same stress test regulations Canadian banks deal with to private lenders as well. The main goal is to avoid housing market destabilization amid the lenders’ sharp growth.

The sources who decided to remain anonymous say officials from the finance ministry, financial regulator, the Bank of Canada and federal housing agency have discussed if the private lenders’ growth over the previous year could be a threat to the national economy.

Today, private lenders (as a rule, groups of wealthy individuals) account for around one-tenth of Canada’s $1.5 trillion mortgage market. Although they are still significantly outpaced by the banks, they started growing sharply after the new rules were implemented.

Economists believe the new rules shifted risk to private lenders who are more vulnerable to all market changes as they don’t have the capital buffers which banks hold.

25 January 2019

Housing affordability for millennials could be the key factor during the next election

Effective housing measures aimed at improving affordability for young Canadians could win votes from millennials this year, says Abacus Data CEO David Coletto.

It’s especially important amid the fact that millennials will account for one third of the voters, outpacing baby boomers significantly, Coletto noted.

“The issue with millennials is particularly tensed,” – he said.

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